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High Quality Research and Publications...

It isn’t all about writing reports. At least, not always. All of our work is underpinned by high quality research, undertaken by skilled and recognised academics, which has resulted in our reports and research papers regularly appearing in journals and periodicals. Our research into the past is informing conservation issues of today - and giving heritage a better future…

When little things make a big difference...

  • We offer a unique service that combines teaching, training and specialist leadership.
  • Over twenty years experience of working with the media on heritage and planning issues.
  • First rate research with a proven track record of high quality publications and academic credibility.  

Expert Planning Advice in a Commercial Environment

New planning guidance called the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was introduced in 2012, replacing the earlier guidance, and sets out the policies and principles for planning within the Historic Environment.

MJC-Associates can offer a range of services in connection with the heritage requirements of planning and development, including:

Heritage Statements:

Desk Based Assessments:

Commercial Graffiti Surveys:


Peoples archaeology...

We are highly experienced in the development and implementation of community archaeology projects aimed at high levels of volunteer involvement.

Community archaeology means many different things to many different people. We believe that it is about involving people in gaining an understanding of their past. We don’t ‘allow’ people to engage in community archaeology - it’s their past already after all - we simply give them the tools, training and knowledge to let them find out for themselves. And it works too! Recent projects, including the Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey and Lakenheath Medieval Wall Paintings Project, have received multiple national awards - and continue to go from strength to strength.