“When discovering the hidden history of a site means more than just reading the writing on the wall...”

Professional Historic Graffiti Surveys

We are the UK’s leading experts in undertaking historic graffiti surveys of heritage sites; from castles and cathedrals, to cottages and parish churches...

When getting your message across matters...

These days the media is playing a larger and larger part in the way that heritage and archaeology are perceived by the public - and if you  aren’t working proactively with the media then you aren’t in control of the story...

With over twenty years experience working with everything from academic publishers to major news organisations, we can help you ensure that your project gets the coverage it deserves. From social media strategies and press releases, to full scale publication programmes,  we can help put your project in the spotlight.

Until recently early graffiti inscriptions on historic buildings have really escaped the attention of most historians and academics. Graffiti was seen as something that was anti-social and destructive - and certainly not something to be studied in great detail. However, all that appears to have changed.

Today early graffiti inscriptions are coming to be regarded as a key source in understanding not just how a building was used - but what it meant to those people who used it. A key source into the social history of the built environment. As the leading organisation studying these inscriptions we can help you unlock the truly hidden history of your property.

 A wonderful history project or archaeological finding is a fantastic thing in itself - but it is even better when shared with others. We simply don’t believe in keeping all this to ourselves - and therefore take a very active approach to getting the information out to the public. Open days, short courses, special events, lectures and exhibitions are just a few examples of what our average month consists of. And we’d like to help you do it too…

Passing on the message…

Recent Clients include:

The National Trust

English Heritage

Churches Conservation Trust

Norfolk Archaeological Trust

Pre-Construct Archaeology

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