The key to the success of any good heritage project is research. It informs our decisions and places our findings into context - and our research experience is second to none...

Books, magazines, journals, websites...

With over two decades experience in undertaking and publishing research projects, aimed at a variety of platforms, we have the skills and expertise to bring your projects to life.

No matter what the project, no matter how big or small, one of the keys to making a success is good research. Research isn’t just something that takes place at the beginning of a project, but should continue and adapt as more information comes to light, and as more discoveries are made. Research is the first stage in any heritage project - but it is often the last stage as well. And once all the discoveries have been made, once all the documents have been compiled, it’s no good to anyone if it is just left in a filling cabinet to gather dust. Research isn’t a static process, an end in itself, but should be made widely available to inform future decisions and inspire new approaches.

With over two decades experience in high quality research and publications we can help ensure that your project continues to have an impact long after it has officially come to an end. We can help you make that material as widely available as possible, via journal articles, publications and websites - ensuring that your work reaches the widest possible audience. If you are interested in following traditional publishing routes, or want to explore more innovative routes, we can guide you through the process step by step and ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

With a strong and proven track record in all areas of research and publication, and expertise in archaeological and academic publishing, we have the skills to help move your project forward.

Full Publications List

Please follow the link below to download a full publications list in PDF format. Some of these are already freely available on-line, others are available upon request.

“Archaeology is all about people; those long dead souls we investigate, and those people today who interact with the past we discover.As archaeologists our task is to investigate, recover and, most importantly, to record...”

Unpublished research reports

A number of reports created as part of wider projects are never designed to be formally published - falling in to the area known as ‘grey literature’.  These are often reports created for individual clients to address specific aspects of a project. Where possible we try to make these reports available, either via the county Historic Environment Record (HER) or by publishing them on-line.

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